: Cadillac 500 engine casting # help?

Cardboard Jedi
11-27-11, 11:35 AM
Hi all, this is a follow up to a thread I posted in Oct. I found the casting numbers on the engine my father had in the garage. The # above the bell housing is 1495200, the # on the cyl heads is 1497902. Can anyone tell me anything about this engine, I have to figure out the best way to sell the little devil... thanks!

11-28-11, 07:44 PM
The block is a 1970-1976 ... Those were used with 472's and 500's motors... The 902 heads are small chamber 76cc... The motor is most likley a 72 or 73... 73 was the last year for 76cc heads.. Now you have to get the crank casting number to tell if it is a 472 or 500....

The Ape Man
12-02-11, 06:08 PM
Why wouldn't it be from a '71?

12-03-11, 07:56 PM
It could be from a 71 , but I think more of them had a casting # ending in 250.. But the 71-73 are just about the same motor...low compression with small chamber heads.. Motors with the small chamber heads can bend valves if the timing chain goes, where that won't happen with large chamber heads.. small heads flow better...