: Question about Powertrain Warranty

11-27-11, 07:55 AM
I own a 2007 ESV that I bought used a few years ago. The front hub on the drivers side has gone out and I was wondering if it was covered under the powertrain warranty. The vehicle currently has 84000 miles on it...what are the parameters of the powertrain warranty?

11-27-11, 08:35 AM
Yes it is covered. Ball joints are also covered under powertrain.

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11-27-11, 08:37 AM
Thanks, unfortunately it is 5/100000 from in-service date and mine was 6/14/2006 so it appears I am 5 1/2 months out of warranty.

11-27-11, 08:50 AM
Gm may goodwill for you. I would take it in.

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11-27-11, 08:54 AM
The problem with that is that I would have to have it towed into the dealership and if they then decide they won't cover it under warranty I either have to pay them to repair it or pay to have it towed back to my home. If I call them and ask them, they will just say "well, we need you to bring it in before we can make a decision like that". The towing alone could surpass the cost of the hub.

11-27-11, 09:22 AM
if one goes out I would replace both of them at the same time. I have 2 for mine here just incase one fails. They cost more than a wrecker fee.

11-28-11, 07:11 AM
Call the dealership and ask them, they can only say no