: Introduction, Dealer Plug (Allen Cadillac) & Dealer Warning (Hoehn Cadillac)

11-25-11, 02:59 PM
I just bought my first ever Cadillac, a 2012 Escalade ESV Platinum as a birthday present for my wife. Thought I would introduce myself to this group and hope to learn more about the nuances of this huge vehicle. It is replacing an Audi Q7 4.2 Premium, which I thought was big until I bought this thing.

I bought the car from Allen Cadillac in Laguna Niguel, California. I must say that I was very impressed with them and would recommend them to anyone. Ronnie Young was my sales guy. Everything was seamless, the negotiation, paperwork, and they were just great about the delivery. Absolutely no complaints and very impressed. Great deal, great service, great experience. Stress free and fast and they went above and beyond the call of duty to make me a satisfied buyer. One of the best dealer experiences I have ever had. Thank you Allen Cadillac!

On the complete other side of the spectrum is one of the worst dealer experiences I have ever had after buying close to 40 cars in my adult life. I offer a strong warning to avoid Hoehn Cadillac in Carlsbad, California. They are 40 miles closer to my house than Allen so I started with them. I called them on the phone and they first told me that 2012 ESV Platinum's would not be available until March 2012 so don't bother looking (that was balled face lie #1). Then they told me on the phone that they would sell me a 2011 Platinum ESV they had on the lot for $10k under MSRP (balled face lie #2). They they said they would offer me an good price on my trade in for the Q7 (balled face lie #3). I took an afernoon off from work, paid $50 to have the Q7 detailed, made my poor wife take all the car seats and stuff out of it and she and I went there to close the deal and drive back in her new 2011 Escalade. Once I got there, they said that the sales manager could not approve that price and they price they offered was actually higher than the MSRP of a 2012, according to Cadillac. They did not budge one bit on price, let alone come anywhere near what they promised me on the phone. That was obviously just a BS ploy to get me to come in. Then they tried to stiff me on the trade in. When it became obvious they had no desire to sell me a car at a reasonable price, my wife and I left. I will never set foot in that dealership again. I now have a 2012 that they said I could not get, and I got it at a fair and reasonable price. I buy 1-2 cars a year at this price point or higher and regularly recommend dealers to clients and collegues. This one I will steer everybody who will listen away from. And I have bought many cars from both Hoehn Mercedes and Hoehn Audi and both of those are excellent dealerships. The Cadillac one, however, is the type of dealership that gives all dealerships a bad name. Feel free to disagree if you have had a positive experience with them as mine was but one unfortnate experience. The other Hoehn dealerships are just great in my experience so this was quite a huge shock to me and left me very angry.

I also went to North County Cadillac in Escondido. Unfortunately they did not have the car I wanted, but tried to find one for me. They were professional and helpful and I will get my wife's new Escalade serviced there even though it is further from my house than Hoehn.

11-25-11, 04:07 PM
Glad the good dealership took care of you, welcome to the club

11-25-11, 04:21 PM
Congratulations on the new purchase!

11-26-11, 06:13 PM
Dear New Cadillac Owner:

First let me congratulate you on your purchase of a New Cadillac ESV. Cadillac is a wonderful vehicle and you and your wife will truly love driving it. I am the General Manager of Hoehn Buick Cadillac and I am very sorry you had such a bad experience. Hoehn Motoros, Hoehn Buick Cadillac and myself pride ourselves on taking care of the customer and making sure you are treated fairly and with respect above all else. It appears in this situation we failed miserably. I wanted to offer my personal apologies and guarantee I will be looking into this matter. If you are available to talk by phone, I would love to speak with you. You can reach me at 760-438-5311 or my email address is diannebrackett@hoehnmotors.com. I look forward to speaking with you soon. My warmest regards, Dianne Brackett

11-26-11, 08:29 PM
UHHH O they found out fasttttttttttttttt

11-26-11, 08:49 PM
Congrats on the new Platinum..must be a beauty,,any pics ?

11-26-11, 09:24 PM
Dianne. I will call you on Monday. I did not want to post individual names, but will share the details of the bad experience my wife and I had. Only 2 other times have I had such a negative experience enough to want to share it with others. This could have been avoided.

11-26-11, 09:31 PM
Great that things worked out positive in the end....love to see some pics....welcome and happy reading.