: Question about 2012 CTS Coupe wheels

11-24-11, 09:59 PM
Perhaps a Cadillac Customer Service rep can either reply or direct this request to the appropriate product planners:

The CTS Sedan and CTS-4 Sedan offer the optional 19" wheels (with the attractively styled "spider" spoke design) as option RT9 [Here is an excerpt of the Product Ordering Guide--
"Wheels, 19" x 8.5" (48.3 cm x 21.6 cm) polished aluminum
1 - Included and only available in (Y43) 19" Summer Tire Performance Package (Model 6DP69), or (FE5) 19" All-Season Tire Package (Models 6DP69 or 6DH69).
2 - Included and only available in (Y43) 19" Summer Tire Performance Package (Model 6DP69), (FE5) 19" All-Season Tire Package (Models 6DP69 or 6DH69) or (WBL) CTS Touring Package."]

The CTS Coupes require ordering the Y43 option to get the 19" wheels (with the attractively styled "spider" spoke design) [Here is the excerpt from the Product Ordering Guide--
Performance Package, 19" (48.3 cm) Summer Tire, includes (KB7) steering wheel mounted paddle shift controls, (RUU) 19" x 8.5" (48.3 cm x 21.6 cm) front, 19" x 9.5" (48.3 cm x 24.1 cm) rear polished wheels, (QIV) P245/45ZR front and P275/40ZR19 rear Y-rated performance summer tires, (V03) performance cooling system, (FE3) performance suspension and (J55) performance brake system
1 - Also included in (WBL) CTS Touring Package]

In either model, ordering the CTS Touring Package includes the attractive 19" wheels, too. However, the Coupes are limited to the Summer Tires only--the Sedans can select the All-Season tires.

I would like to order a CTS Coupe with those 19" wheels and either "All-Season Tires" or with "All Wheel Drive" since I live in a climate with winter driving conditions. Unfortunately, this can not be accomplished as offered from the factory. I would forego the "All-Wheel Drive" feature if the "All-Season" tires were even available. Is this a supplier issue, or is Cadillac planning to address the customers with similar desires? I simply find the CTS Coupe with the 18" wheels very unattractive, whether with the All-Wheel Drive feature or not. Of course, the 18" wheels come as "All-Season" tires, which I prefer because those have served me well year-round in my 2008 CTS-4 Sedan, and I have not needed to change wheels and tires seasonally.

Also, a second question concerns whether Cadillac is planning to release more "special editions" such as the "Hot Lava" edition of the 2008 CTS and the recent "Black Diamond" CTS's (with Black wheels)? It is great to have available a few limited production CTS's with special colors, in my opinion.

Thank you any information relative to these topics.

11-25-11, 02:05 PM
I am copying this to CTS, as I think you will get answers there.

Cadillac Cust Svc
01-12-12, 03:38 PM
I have taken notes of your requests and will make sure that they get to the correct department. Anymore ideas, just send them my way.
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