: Questions about the 2.8 Turbo Motor

11-24-11, 09:49 AM
I'm interested in finding out some of the specifics on this engine. I hope some of our fellow members have the information I'm looking for. My project, if I decide to go with it, will be to get aproxmatially 400 awhp from this platform.
My first question is: what is the potential of this engine without changing any internals? What items are forged and what are not? What turbos are used and what flanges are used. Are the turbos using T25 etc. intake exhaust flanges or custom ones? What size are the injectors and what duty cycle are they running on the engine at this time? What size intercooler at the present time, in terms of flow ie: when does the intercooler become so heat soaked it can't produce any more hp. Thanks to anyone that can answer any of these questions. I don't have a Turbo SRX at this time so I can't do a lot of self help into some of these questions.

11-25-11, 12:51 PM
Checkout this link from Wards, the 2.8 is voted a 10 best engine, I love mine and came out of a CTS-V Marty R

C:\Users\Marty\Documents\MY Info\2011 Cadillac\Caddy-SRX\Ward's 10 Best Engines - Saab Aero V6.mht

11-25-11, 05:42 PM
This is a better link Saabnet.com Press: Ward's 10 Best Engines - Saab Aero V6