: CPO and the Third Brake Light?

11-24-11, 01:42 AM
Question for the Certified Pre-owned "Owners".

Has anyone had their 3rd brake light assembly replaced or denied replacement under CPO warr.?

My car is in right now for more important issues but one of the secondary problems was that a couple LED's where out in the 3rd brake light. I get a call today from DB Cadillac Service Writer stating that the 3BL it is not covered under CPO warranty. I was a little confused on why it wasn’t covered since CPO has already covered a tail light that had 2 LED’s out, a headlight and a side marker. But I would have accepted it and gone about my day if Douche Service Writer hadn’t quoted me $400 for a replacement BUT he would give me a “special deal” where I pay $100 and GM covers the rest. I said, don't F'ing touch it.

So my second question Is; is this “co-pay” thing legit???????

FYI you can stop reading now because I am just venting 3 years of hate towards my local Cadillac dealerships.

BTW, all 3 Llac dealers in my area are known to be completely and utterly incompetent. I have settled on the one that at least smiles to me before they F-me in the A

According to Service…
-If you accidentally leave the car at service with your drivers side window all the way down with a lanyard hanging off of the drivers side mirror that has your mechanical key and your secondary keyfob that happens to have a dead battery, attached to it, you automatically need a new $250 fob because your immobile vehicle is creating chaos in the multi-lane service entrance. Funny how that vehicle magically becomes mobile once Douche Service Writer realizes that I am not stupid.
-The rattle in the in my front suspension that has been there since i bought the car at 49Kmi(75K now)has everything to do with the brake pads that I put in 72hrs ago.
-When I bring it in because the CEL light is on it is ok to deliver the car as "fixed" with the CEL light still on.
-Evidentially It is perfectly normal to pull my front clip, drop the motor, fix an oil leak, that i had never noticed, spin my front fascia around on the shop floor like it’s a top, paint side down of course, put a golf ball sized dent in a fender that had just been repaired and painted 2days prior and then put it all back together crooked and then shut the hood on the same repaired fender TWICE tearing fresh clear coat off of it. (Disclaimer: they fixed the dent, the rest is still F’ed)
-They cannot duplicate any issue that is actually important.
-They cannot operate or they may not even own a tech2 considering they have denied any existence of any trouble codes in the history of the vehicle even though I can plug a simple ODB2 in and pull codes right this second.
-Ohh AND the best is!... When I tell them "I hate to be "That Guy" but PLEASE call me to authorize any work that comes out of my pocket" but it is somehow OK for them to do a $100 oil change without calling me just because it was "getting close to needing one".

11-24-11, 08:48 PM
You got boned, my friend. i was always a DIY or go to a known local mechanic guy; the more stories I hear about dealer work, reguardless of make and model, the more I question their existence...

I hope everything works out

11-24-11, 09:01 PM
CPO terms did change for cars purchased after GM's reorganization (or whatever) in April 2009. I bought before then so I'm not sure what was cut. Forum members and the two dealers nearest me are consistent that the original CPO is the same as the OEM warranty. It includes all bulbs & batteries, any manufacturers defect and damage caused by such defect.

Generally, this excludes tires, brakes pads & glass UNLESS these components were damaged by a defective part. Some drivers are hard on brakes and wears them out in a few years. Those aren't covered. But if a stuck caliper ruins a pad & rotor, it is a valid claim and will be covered. A dealer may not make as much off a warranty repair but a claimant that is patient, persistent and pleasent will usually succeed. This economy has had a positive efffect on most companies; they want your business.

11-28-11, 11:28 PM
You got boned, my friend. i was always a DIY or go to a known local mechanic guy; the more stories I hear about dealer work, reguardless of make and model, the more I question their existence...

I hope everything works out

I used to DIY any and all vehicles I have owned until this CPO STS. I did a frame-off on the first vehicle I owned (86' S-10 pickup) before I even drove it. I am fortunate enough to have knowledge and access to nearly any tool or facility I would ever need. I even paid for the two short years college that I attempted by flipping cars. So whatev, I have a "trained eye" but every GD time I have had warranty or paid work done on this car I am flabbergasted by the "delivery" of the vehicle.

I just don't understand how a "tech" can deliver a vehicle in the same or a worse condition than it was received and consider the job done. Is this the indusrty standard???????????????????