: Question about vent tube under air fitler box

11-04-04, 12:04 AM
I have an 01 STS, and I'v been playing around with the vent tube under the air box. I have though about altering it, but one problem is that the vent tube is restricted where it enters the box. (I think that I have included a picutre, showing the amount it restricts the air filter box.) If you remove the air tube completely, it gives it a kick in the seat of the pants. What about smiply removing the vent tube and useing a seal under the box to keep out engine compartment?

My big concern is water intake. The area that the tubes lives, however, seems to be quite dry, based on the fact that it's super clean. If rainwater of any amount got into the area, there would be, at least, a slight film of dirt. There isn't even any dust, let alone dirt.

Would having the vent tube out be a problem with rainwater?