: parts search

11-23-11, 08:38 PM
hi, a fellow member suggested i check with you on an impossible, so far, part for my 1990 eldorado touring coupe. it is GM part # 17090215 or ac/ delco 214-123, diverter valve. caddy says it's discontinued and have got the same story from every online parts site. help a brother out if you can. car has only 68,000 miles. i don't know the rules, but if you can't answer me here, you can email me at dragonman712@comcast.net. thanks a lot.

11-23-11, 09:30 PM
remove your email from this post asap (you don't want the spam that it will bring)
... then email me ... my email is in my signature

i'll try and remember to get back to you on friday but if you email me i will definitely get back to you on friday