: Can FWD HT 4100 eng and transmission be installed together?

11-23-11, 12:32 AM
Can 84 Eldo 4100 eng and transmission be installed as a unit back in the car? :bomb: I had to seperate the two for removal. Was also wondering if the FWD hog head could be installed to the transmission with axels removed and then re-install the axels after eng/trans/hogheadwere back in the car? The idea of getting the right alingment for the transmission and the hoghead doesn't seem to likely with the limited amount of sapce you have to work in. Need to hear from someone who has done this before!! This is my first go around and learning some insider secrets would be GREAT!!:bomb:

11-26-11, 02:27 AM
Google Radar58.com and read the Cadillac articles. One talks about swapping engines and speaks to trans/engine removal and installation. Hope this helps.

11-28-11, 10:16 AM
Thanks for the input, I actually have that site with the given information on file in my computer, It seems that he did replace them as a unit, going into detail about the rear trans
mounts. They are a pill to work around. Now I am hunting a rolling a frame since my engine puller doesn't want to hold the weight of the eng/trans together. The extension has gotten beyound
it limits. Thanks again.