: LCD Dash in cold weather

11-23-11, 12:07 AM
I'm wondering how the LCDs function in the really deep cold weather. The DIC, and the Nav Screens for example. Do they respond slowly, or blurry? Perhaps TheCaptain is best to respond to this, as he's in the province next to me. Or others in northern US. I'm thinking temps in the -30c range...

I've noticed in the promotional vids for the 2013s that more and more of the dashes are going towards a full-LCD instrument panel. Thoughts?


11-23-11, 09:36 AM
Actually, the LCD is a bit slow for a short while. You see the numbers mesh over each other for a second before clearing up. Its not as bad as you might think. :D

You ought to fill in your info in what province and what year/trim you have Maximumkk! Welcome eh!

11-24-11, 06:44 PM
The nav screen on my cts4 would take about 20 seconds or so to become visible on the bitterly cold days.

02-11-12, 06:11 PM
Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just ordered my 2012 Premium SRX a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if anyone has asked this before,but when you start your vehichle the Nav screen pops up. Is there away to turn that function off ? I understand there's a button you can use to close the screen after start up. The reason I'm asking is I'm assuming after the vehicle gets a little older or it's cold out that the pop up screen may not slide up as smoothly. Thanks

02-12-12, 10:41 AM
No, the screen slides up smoothly in all temperatures. If you don't want it to pop up upon startup though, you must have it set on an audio setting and use the nav (up-down) buttons to put it down. Then it'll be down for startup.