: Vcim & gmx550

11-22-11, 09:17 PM
I installed the vcim bluetooth module and a gmx 550 on my 2008 ext. When the ipod is activated, graphic out mode, I can't make phone calls using voice commands. I can make calls on what they, coastaletech, call the manual screen, but on that screen I can't see song or artist information. I'm also not getting the caller id features of the gmx 550, when a call comes in I get a blue onstar screen asking wether or not to accept the call. Is this normal?
Thanks for any input.

11-23-11, 07:05 AM
I have the same setup in my 2008 ESV. When I get a call the blue onstar screen asks to accept the call or not.

If I push accept on the screen it work good but if I push the call button on my phone it goes just to the phone.

The caller ID is on my digitial speedometer not the radio.

I wish I would have puts these in when I bought my ESV. Works great!