: Shell Rimula R6 ME 5W30

11-21-11, 07:08 AM
It's fully synthetic, can withstand low temperatures, has anti-wear properties... Is this oil just for diesel engines, or could it be a good solution for Northstar?

11-21-11, 04:07 PM
No reason it would harm a gasoline engine. Several members, with pre-2000 flat tappet engines, run Shell Rotella and other Fleet/Marine oils that are also rated for diesel HD service.

I run a quart of Pennzoil EURO synthetic with the other 6.5 quarts of Platinum 5W-30 synthetic and the engine uses less than a quart in 4,500 miles.

Try to find the specification sheets on the Rimula oil - either Shell Netherlands or maybe (but not likely) the SOPUS (Shell Oil Products U.S.) site, but you have to know where to look - the sites require a bit of detective work and searching to get to what you want - in the SOPUS site the HD oils are hidden in the Products page, truck icon.

11-21-11, 09:02 PM

11-22-11, 02:14 AM
Thanks for your replies. The description says: "API Service SE and SD (obsolete) gasoline engine performance requirements".

SE = CAUTION - Not suitable for use in gasoline-powered automobile engines build after 1979. But it's obsolete...

Also "API CF" = For off-road, indirect injected and other diesel engines

That's a no?

Pennzoil EURO, I think, is roughly the same thing as Mobil 1 synthetic that I use. I was looking for an oil with more anti-wear additives.

11-22-11, 10:13 AM
Wow !!!!! API service designator in the U.S is now SM/SN.

I would not use a SE/SD API oil in a lawnmower engine !!............those additive packages are long obsolete, and now that I have read Ranger's specification sheet it appears that this is not an oil for gasoline engines, and it is not a multigrade, either - viscosities are 10W, 30, 40.

Look at Shell Rotella for a conventional HD oil - but our engines, with roller cam followers, do not need the extra anti-scuff additive package of that oil.