: Throttle Body Cleaning

11-21-11, 01:44 AM
The dealer recommended I do a throttle body cleaning the last time I had my car in. I decided to do this myself because I read the instructions and it really isn't very hard. Let me just say, this had made my idle so smooth that I can hardly tell the car is even on.

Things needed:
Flat head screw driver
Clean cloth (I used a microfiber)
Carburetor cleaner

Under the hood, you will find your air intake in the front of the engine. Follow the tube from the air filter to the engine block, or the throttle body. I found it easier to loosen the clamps on both ends of this tube and completely remove it for this process. Make sure, however, that you plug the small hose on the back side of the tube back in when you are done. You will notice that the flap on the throttle body can be pushed open with your fingers. Get the cloth fairly wet with the carb cleaner and clean the flap and around it as well as you can. Push it open and get behind it as much as you can, too. Your towel will be pretty dirty when you're done. Make sure everything is dry and put everything back in its place.

The dealer wanted about $150. I spent $3 and 10 minutes.

11-21-11, 10:30 AM
The only thing I would change in your instructions is that I would suggest using throttle body cleaner instead of carburetor cleaner. The carb cleaner is harsher. Some throttle bodies are coated (not sure about the Cadillac) and carb cleaner will dissolve the coating.

11-21-11, 11:11 AM
The shop manual warns of 'strong solvents' and specifically methyl ethyl ketone; I think I would stick with an intake cleaner and avoid carburetor cleaner (as 'chaz' suggests above).

11-21-11, 11:43 AM
Yeah, this was methyl ethyl ketone. The service guy at the dealer recommended carb cleaner to me, so I just went with his advice. Next time around I'll go with intake cleaner.