View Full Version : 07 Escalade headlight problem

11-19-11, 02:11 AM
hi everyone I need some help

my passenger side headlight stopped working I checked the bulb and its fine I tried putting a new bulb and still nothing...I checked all fuses and relays and still nothing ....has anyone had this problem

11-19-11, 02:19 AM
Sounds like you need a new ballast.

11-19-11, 07:02 AM
As said it's most likely the ballast, depending on the amount of time the lights are on it's not uncommon

11-19-11, 01:12 PM
alright thx guys ..... is that easy to replace or would it be a dealer fix?.....im also still under warranty do you think that would cover it?

11-19-11, 06:21 PM
If you have a warranty still, they will fix it. If they give you a hard time and refuse to, just go to another dealer until someone does fix it. I have never had any work done or touched any component of any car that I've owned with HID so my hands are tied as far as fixing it yourself. But it should not be difficult if you have to. Alot of people put aftermarket kits in their cars. Doing it yourself should be your last option. Use your warranty.

11-20-11, 12:21 PM
sounds good thx guys

11-20-11, 07:32 PM
Shouldn't be an issue under warranty.