: Need Before and After Pictures of 2/3 Drop on Stock 22's - Would Prefer Base Model

11-18-11, 07:12 PM
I am wanting to put a McGauphy's 2/3 drop on our '07 Escalade but she drives it everyday and does not want it to look like a sled. If anyone has some before and after shots of their base model that would be great. Also, stock 22's would be a plus so she can really visualize what it would look like. I searched for about an hour and found a couple of pictures but they did not have any before shots. I keep trying to tell her that it is a very mild drop and will make it look 10X better but she wants to see it first. I cannot blame her as she is the one who drives it all the time. Also, would it be worth it to change the sway bars to the Hotchkis or other brand on a daily driver?

Any help would be appreciated,


11-21-11, 03:34 PM
Here are before and after pics of 2/3 Eibach Spring kit BUT I have 24" replicas with 305/35R24.

11-21-11, 07:17 PM
Thanks man! That is exactly what I needed!!! She loves it so I will be ordering the kit after X-Mas.


11-21-11, 08:42 PM
do these lowering kits work for AWD models?

11-21-11, 09:20 PM
Quick internet search would answer that question: