View Full Version : Well I'll be damned !

11-18-11, 04:14 PM
Got out early from the salty mines today and when I got to my car I noticed that the ACC emblem was gone. Do you believe the some little punk probably stole it. (I work at a high school in Tampa) Now I will have to buy another one. It looks like it was easly pried off. I better not see one of them H.S. kids wearing my emblem on a chain around their neck. Does anyone know what kind of glue GM used to secure that emblem plate to its all black back plate / I guess I'll keep my eye open for another one.:crying::crying::ripped::dammit:

11-18-11, 05:27 PM
That sucks.

What does the ACC emblem look like and where is it? Curious.

11-18-11, 07:15 PM
It's just the Cadillac emblem on the front grille. The difference between the ACC emblem and the regular emblem is that the ACC emblem has a black opaque back to it so the ACC radar can go through it.

P.S. Sorry to hear that.

11-18-11, 09:21 PM
Sorry to hear that yours was taken off. It should be pretty inexpensive to replace since its only plastic. Its like where back in the 70's and 80's when stealing emblems was a big thing.

Linda in JAX
11-18-11, 11:29 PM
Try ebay - it's amazing the things you can find there. :)

Angus Young
11-19-11, 08:22 AM
I actually saw mine fly off the front end going down a busy interstate, they are on ebay for around $60.00