: FS: 04-07 CTS-V wheels

11-17-11, 08:08 PM
FS: 04-07 Cadillac CTS-V wheels

I bought a set of wheels in better shape than mine and will be selling mine off if anyone is interested.
As you all know, these are somewhat hard to find, especially at reasonable prices.

What I have:
- 3 rims (one with worn out @ 25% tread stock size 245/45/18 tire) with what I would consider pretty normal curb rash and scrapes/scratchesfor the most part for a 50K mile car (not for my cars, previous owner bashed these up)

- 1 rim (with same tire as above) with major curb rash, reaching about 1/4 of the way around with a few chunks out of the lip.
This rim still holds air and seems to be straight and true as it shows no odd vibration on my car.

Any of the 3 decent wheels- $140 plus actual shipping
1 badly rashed wheel (would make a great spare)- $85 plus actual shipping
Full set without tires: $450 plus actual shipping

Located in Southern NJ

I can include a tire on the one worst rim and one of the other rims if needed, but they are pretty worn out as stated above.
Obviously this option would only benefit someone who wanted the stock size spare to possibly save their butt one day.
/If the rashed to hell one doesn't go for that price, I will keep it as a spare myself. /

NOTICE: I will NOT be able to do anything in terms of getting these off the car and shipped out for at least a week and a half to two weeks.
I am hoping to have my other rims here right after the holiday, and then I will swap everything over.
If you are in a huge rush, please look elsewhere. I will accept deposits if you really want to send it to tie one up in your name, or I can just let people post up here and go in order when the time comes.
Obviously a deposit sender will get dibs before someone that just posted up.....and I will update with any news on sales/deposits.

I have impeccable feedback on quite a few sites including corral dot net, svtperformance dot com, and ebay that I can send along if needed for you to feel comfortable sending money for a product that long before it ships out.

Sorry for the book but I wanted to be clear about everything.

Below are pics of each rim from about 5ft away and then extreme close ups of the rash. Expect each to have some scratches as well on the face, I swear they made these rims out of the least durable material and paints they had....

These all would be great as spares, drag rims, or if someone wanted to do some minor bondo and sanding, would be awesome candidate as a set for powder-coating afterwards.

Rim 1:

Rim 2 (worst) can include tire:

Rim 3:

Rim 4 can include tire:


12-05-11, 12:31 AM

Are these still available? I'm interested and live in NY

12-05-11, 07:44 AM
Sorry, all were sold.