: Remote Starter on 2005 Deville

11-17-11, 09:31 AM
Thanks in advance for any advise. I just purchased this car last night, I live in MN and unfortunately do not have a garage I have always had remote starters on my vehicles in the past and would like to install one on this car as well but after researching online it seems it is not recommended due to all the electrical components, is this true?

11-17-11, 03:09 PM
True. The install has to take into account that the car's wiring system is also a serial data bus for control and diagnostics, and the sound system head unit is part of the security and TheftLock warning systems.

Do an improper install and you lose one or more indicators and chimes, as well as botch up the security system. Several members have wound up with a no-start condition (using the key and ignition switch) due to a bad install.

The job can be done, but it takes a good installer and care.

Leaving a car sitting, idling for more than a very few minutes, is really hard on the engine...........better to get in, start up, let the fast idle drop from 1,200 to 900 rpm, then drive away normally. The engine will then warm up much faster and you run less chance of raw gasoline condensing on and washing the oil film from cylinder walls.