: Changing gear From D to N and vice versa

11-16-11, 04:44 AM
My city is full of cars.... but it's also full of hills up and down, so with traffic jammed at peak hours, I like to idle down the hill, sometime I go from D to N at about 15MPH, , am I damaging anything within the transmission? And what's the maximum speed to go from D to N. How often can it be done? what are the implications here?? :hmm:

11-16-11, 05:19 AM
You can go from D to N at any speed, with no damage to worry about. You'll be harder on the brakes, unless you just coast to a stop. :)

11-16-11, 10:03 AM
Its my understanding that shifting from D to N doesn't harm the transmission. I only do it under 5 mph after hard braking. If you get the brakes really hot, holding the brake pedal ....clamping on the rotors... at a stop light can warp the rotors so I like to shift it to N.

11-17-11, 07:55 AM
Alrighty then! Thanks guys..... I can now shift worry free :worship: