: Extended Warranty

11-15-11, 11:10 AM
The search topic function wasn't working properly for me earlier so I'm sorry upfront if this is a duplicate thread topic.
Just wondering if anyone purchased an extended warranty for their SRX? Mine currently has 34,000 miles so once I hit the 40K I will be on my own. Is this extended warrantly a negotiable item? If yes, what are some of the rates you have gotten? Are there different types of extended warranties or just one? Which do you suggest? I have never purchased an extended warranty for any vehicle I have ever owned so sorry if these seem like silly questions. This is all new to me.


11-15-11, 12:00 PM
Can't help you out on the extended warranty, but doesn't the SRX have 4/50,000 bumper to bumper, and 5/100,000 powertrain. Of course at the rate you are accumulating the miles, 50,000 will come quickly.

11-15-11, 01:49 PM
Yes, 4 years or 40K I thought it was according to my manual. I'll have to check again. The car is already 2 years old for me anyways since I got it in October of 2009 so I think it's pretty low mileage but yes, I need to start thinking of this stuff. With the trouble I have had already with the quirks of the car, I'd rather be covered.

11-15-11, 02:38 PM
I bought a GM Protection Plan for one of my cars. You can buy it from a GM Dealer and it is price negotiable. Three different plans and deductibles. Google search for best price GM Protection Plan. Since Gm sells it I felt safer with it than the offers you get in the mail. JMO

11-15-11, 03:22 PM
I purchased a 7/70,000 extended warranty from GM and I did negotiate it with the dealer. I would be very careful buying the after market type insurance. Ask your dealer which policies they will take and how the after market ones stack up against the GM version. I had experience with my 2002 Tahoe that taught me to buy the extended warranty. I had NO problems with the car until I hit 100,000 miles and then I started getting "Check: all kinds of crap lights. They were real faults and not false. What I found out is that when a car has a lot of computer controlled items in it and has a lot of sensors the cost to fix that stuff is incredible. In my case the "Auto Ride" system failed and had three computers in it as well as numerous sensors. The fault would not give a code that was actionable so they wanted to REPLACE items one by one until they fixed it! One computer was $600!!! The shock absorbers were $500 apiece! I figured about $2500 to maybe fix it so I traded it on the SRX. The SRX has many more electronic gadgets and sub systems and when one fails it will be very costly if you have to pay out of pocket. That is the reason that the big three in German cars are being down graded to "too costly to repair". The electronic problems on a five year old car can be horrendous and when a problem comes up there ain't no short cuts.

11-15-11, 03:52 PM
I bought gm gmpp major guard for my "V" just google gm extended warranty and several GM dealers sell over the net / phone. There are different levels of coverage and different miles / months and deductibles so just make sure you gets quotes on the exact same ones to get true comparison. I got prices from I believe Greg Bell Chevrolet, GM Automall, And I think the other had Black in the name all were within 5% of each other. I went to a local dealer with their internet quote and the local dealer would not match he did come down but would not match so I bought from Greg Bell and the process went flawlessly. I even went to a different Cadillac dealer to get a recall on the passenger seat air bag sensor and they verified my extended gmpp major guard was in fact in the system and valid. So yes get a buch of quotes see if your dealer wants to beat for a quck sale and if not buy over the net from any gm dealer with confidence. It saved me many $'s. Good luck. P.S. I would only go with genuine GM GMPP warranty it is in my opinion the best and no hassles if you travel and break down away from home.

11-15-11, 08:23 PM
You will get a better price if you purchase the GMPP before your factory warrant expires.

11-15-11, 09:24 PM
thanks for all the great info!!!