: XM Radio: No XM Signal. XM Cust Support Says it's the Wire

11-15-11, 10:21 AM
Hi- I bought my used 2005 Cadillac STS in 2009 with an XM service package left over from the previous owner. The XM worked great and I loved it.

Fast forward to 2011, the previous owner's subscription runs out and I am left without the XM Radio. :crying:

I finally decide to call and subscribe myself. :yup:

The XM goes in and out with no rhyme or reason. It often says "No XM Signal" I called XM numerous times to send a new activation signal to the radio and it might work for five minutes then back to "No XM Signal."

I need help troubleshooting this issue. XM says it's an antenna and I need to take it to the dealer. :tisk:

Please help.


Heather =0)

11-15-11, 10:03 PM
I think it's likely that your XM module isn't performing properly. Your antenna or wiring are probably OK unless your roof antenna has been damaged. A dealer is probably your best solution.

I often lose XM briefly when northeast of a tall building. The cache of the STS XM radio isn't as large as some manufacturers and I'm pretty far North. I still like the XM a lot!

11-16-11, 12:05 AM
If I were a betting person, I'd be suspicious of the antenna. The mast that sticks up on your vehicle is for OnStar voice communications. Inside the elongated black base is both the XM antenna and the OnStar GPS antenna. As a point of interest, this is actually considered a quad-mode antenna as it is capable of both analog and digital voice in addition to GPS and S-Band radio signals. In any event, dealerships will often have a test antenna they can connect for diagnostic purposes. They can pull diagnostic trouble codes from the SDAR module using their scan tool and look at various operating parameters such as antenna signal strength. For this, the dealership is definitely your best option.

12-06-12, 11:02 AM
Thank you for your response. My roof antenna is in perfect condition and there is no physical damage at all.

To my shock and amazement I did get XM service while they were running their promotion in early November '12. I decided to subscribe for 6 months on special for $25- I figured even if it worked 5 times this next 6 months that'd be nice. Well it worked about 2 days after I subscribed and it's been out since!

I also lose XM briefly in certain places like when I am at a stop light next to a truck, near a mountain or in my garage. I also work on an army installation and some places near there the signal goes in and out and I'm not near any tall buildings or anything.

It looks like I'll have to take it to a dealer... :want:


Thank you ddalder- looks like I'll have to do what I despise and contact the dreaded Dealership! dun dun dun!

12-08-12, 04:28 PM
They are giving me 3 months free trial on my 2005.Then they want $175 for the year!I think not.Works good but we have decent free radio here in Orlando area

12-08-12, 09:37 PM
Yeah, I got the 3-month trial when I got my V and it's almost done. They have been sending me the notices to sign up, but I agree, over-priced! It's nice to have, but I really can't justify it in a part time vehicle.

The funny thing is that many channels have commercials. You'd think they'd make it cheaper.

12-09-12, 12:14 AM
Call them and say you want it cheaper. You can get them down below $100 a year. If you don't mind haggling every few months, you can do even better.

12-09-12, 01:08 AM
I'll definitely give that a try. First I'm going to see if they really shut it off. I'm sure they will, but I've heard of 2 stories where people's kept working.

12-16-12, 10:45 PM
Called them and got 6 months for 29 dollars on a promotion.

01-07-13, 10:54 AM

Problem solved! :worship:

My airbag light was periodically coming on, so I read the codes and had codes B0021-0D (RF side deployment loop resistance above threshold) and B0021-04 (RF side deployment loop open circuit). I found that the airbag "plug" is located under the front passenger seat and if not connected fully can throw the airbag light and also interfere with the RADIO! I got under there and pushed the connection closed and my XM radio has worked ever since!!


Thank you all! ...now I need to fix my FOB problem lol


I got three months for $25- what you do is you let it lapse and don't sign up again and they'll throw offers at you to get your business. Worth a shot! :0)

01-07-13, 12:32 PM
That's weird that that would mess up the radio. Glad you got it fixed.

One time my Traction Control button stopped working and later I found out that the audio inputs in the center console were not working. I knew the dealer had done it when they did some work, but I delayed taking it back in.

One day I was just mad about it and started taking things apart. I found one connector unplugged under the carpet and that fixed both issues.

01-07-13, 09:48 PM
I'm very suspicious about a link to an XM radio failure. There is absolutely no connection between the systems and I can't believe there is any software control either. This sounds very coincidental to me. Glad you got everything working though :)