: Power Steering leak, issue?

11-14-11, 03:38 PM
CAr has apparently leaked atleast a pint of PS fluid, refilled with a pint, didnt see it leak any and she is growning and whinning at me like my wife again... anybody have this issue, This a easy fix or do i gota go get raped by the Caddy dealer again?
Thanks guys!

Sympthoms now,
Groaninging while turning while runnig, small leak by passanger side wheel, top off fluid agin, sound goes away,
Next day sound comes back.....

11-15-11, 12:34 PM
passenger side wheel = the rubber on the power steering hose near where it makes a U-turn.

You need to order the hose and the hardline all as one piece. It happened to me: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-general/223036-leaking-power-steering-hose.html

The hose was $70 from Lindsay Cadillac, and I paid $180 to have it installed by my local indie garage.

11-15-11, 12:59 PM
Give the power steering pump a reach around.
Feel for wetness.
Also visually look at oil pan to see if it is wet.
Could be the pumps seals are worn.

You need to stay up on the fluid until repaired; that groaning is a bad thing and could creat more problems.

11-15-11, 02:36 PM
oil pan has appeared wet, but is more like dry oil/ PS fluid, the car does not leak any oil so that could be the pump, i just saw some power sterring by pas wheel after puting a pint in the PS resivor, maybe the bad hose like repenttokio's? or could this be the self purging of the PS fluid i read about?
Yeah, the groaning was bad. just got her parked now....i hate car issues, which is weird, because everyone else loves them. lol thanks for the info.

If its the pump seals, do i just replace the pump, it that pretty easy? or do i replace the seals and keep the pump?
Thx again!

11-17-11, 07:32 AM
Siimple thing to do instead of guessing and speculating is to just look under the car and follow the power steering hose circuit. I bet you'll find the U-hose is leaking at the crimp. GM can't get these right for some reason. Mine was replaced too.


(GM can't make radiators either. That's next to be replaced.)

11-17-11, 07:26 PM
Give the power steering pump a reach around.
Feel for wetness.

lulz, POTD