: Prob w Windshield washer

11-14-11, 02:04 PM

06' V..
Just turned 49k and all of a sudden the wiper system starts going nuts. If you try to turn on the wipers, it will spray the windshield with cleaner and won't turn off the spray until you turn off the car. The wipers do come on, but spray won't go off. Very dangerous at speed!
Not just that, but the wipers won't always return to home position anymore when you push the "spray/clear" button on the end of the stalk, but they can/do stop in the middle of the glass often.. very annoying.

I'm wondering if anyone has had a problem with this and what their solution was? A new stalk? Or is something else possibly wrong.? If its a stalk issue, can I simply replace it with any cts stalk or is there a V specific stalk.?


11-16-11, 11:58 AM
Bueller... Bueller...

Any help appreciated.

11-16-11, 05:34 PM
BUMP for ya

11-17-11, 10:34 AM
i don't think Ive ever heard of this happening. bump for you.

11-17-11, 10:40 AM
Have you tried taking the staulk apart and cleaning it...with contact cleaner?

11-18-11, 09:52 AM
Never heard of it before? How cool! MY car is UNIQUE!!!! lol

No, I haven't taken it apart, but I was considering it. I just wanted to know, if I screwed it up, if an ebay stalk
was a direct replacement for it, V or not? As much rain as we've had the last two days, I don't want to be caught without
wipers even if they are not working correctly.

Thanks guys.

11-18-11, 09:53 AM
If this is basically a 1 off problem, i'm betting i have a bad contact as suggested. I'll likely just replace this stalk.

11-18-11, 04:38 PM
You probably need a new motor. Mine started doing something similar and replacing the motor fixed everything. In my case the washer would spray whenever the wipers were on but would turn off when the wipers were turned off.

11-20-11, 11:37 AM
See attached.

11-20-11, 03:54 PM
I had the exact same symptoms a few months ago. Installed a new motor controller. You can replace the whole motor if you want, but the controller was only $100 from Luke @ Lindsay...I could look up the part number for you but if you call him up he'll have it in a few seconds. Took about 30 minutes to install and then everything was right as rain. (Pun intended)