View Full Version : 132,xxx mile vet finally gets a break.

11-13-11, 12:53 AM
So my car can finally sit in the garage a little more, and NEVER see the white condensation EVER AGAIN!! Took delivery of an '11 XLT Ranger 4x4. I already have plans to "V" it up. Anyone know where I can get a Silver :v: sticker for my back window? I also want to get a custom licence plate surround "I'd rather be driving my :v:."

11-13-11, 02:08 PM
nice. she deserves a break after all those miles... now it's time for some modz...

I can mail you one of my old emblems, you can stick a magnet on the back of it and slap it on the ranger!

11-13-11, 06:21 PM
Congrats mike...

This thread needs some PICS!

11-14-11, 08:11 AM
Wait till it snows. Then take a pic of the ranger buried in the driveway with the V sitting in the garage nice n dry :thumbsup:

11-14-11, 02:11 PM
you should probably put your V back to stock. and give me your kw's :)

11-14-11, 09:24 PM


I gotcha covered twitch. When shooting a pic of the grill I saw the reflection of the V in the garage.

11-16-11, 01:43 PM
niceeee... that sucker have the ole 4.0 6 bangger? they should really just drop a Ecoboost 4 banger in..

11-16-11, 08:59 PM
They have something cooking. There are pics swirling around, the new one looks like a Sportrac but the front end is more swoopy then the new Exploders. I gotta get a coat of wax on the new girl.

11-17-11, 10:31 AM
Should've bought something big enough to tow the V to the track.

11-17-11, 07:24 PM
Back when I had my 06 CTS and 05 V, I had a license plate frame made for the CTS that said "My other CTS is a V"