: *sigh* is this the wrong slave?

11-11-11, 10:46 PM
title says it all. I got this slave overnighted because I wanted to get my V running by Monday. Seems too tall. The input line goes out of the trans notch but if I didn't have a remote bleeder, the bleed line would not be accessible from outside the trans. %$$@$^ @$#^^@#%%....and ---- @#$%@%#^ slave.

I guess I could have referenced the part number on my old slave when ordering. No wonder it was only 200 bucks.

As I mentioned in another thread, bad idea or not, I might just re-install the old slave back in this weekend if this is the wrong one. Odds are it could fail next week or 2 years from now.




11-12-11, 11:15 AM
wow. 56 views and no "you idiot, don't you know how to search? that's the LS7 slave" responses? who is reading these threads anyway?

Note to self- don't ever listen to anyone at any company when calling to order 2004 CTS-V parts. That all think they know everything. Search the forums for hours beforehand for the CORRECT part NUMBERS and demand those parts.

Stock slave is going back in, I really don't care. Hopefully it will last just long enough to give me time to realize I should have replaced the stock flywheel with something lighter. I just had to get some use out of the brand new flywheel/clutch setup I had to justify paying for it in the first place. Had I not, I'd have replaced the whole setup.

11-12-11, 11:26 AM
that's the part number you should be getting

the parts catalog illustration looks just like your original

11-12-11, 12:18 PM
thanks man...I should have called you in the first place,.. but I was already ordering a remote bleeder from this other company so I threw in the slave to justify overnighting so I could get the V running this weekend....

I think I may just clean this one up and reinstall...the only question now is the throwout bearing...at a minimum it needs to be replaced I would think.. lots of the parts stores carry replacements but they seem unrealistically cheap and too small for the slave...(probably for the regular cts)

11-12-11, 12:30 PM


you're talking about #1 in the second illustration?

"clutch pilot bearing"
list price $18.00

11-12-11, 01:10 PM
nice diagram!!

lol, not that one... but I should have replaced that when I had it all out. that's the pilot bearing....I am NOT taking that bellhousing and fw/pp etc out again unless I've messed something up royally or I'm replacing the whole assembly. (or, the pilot fails but that's a real bad situation)

I'm talking about the bearing that sits on the end of the slave...this one:


It may not be available separately..I've not been able to find it anywhere. Most people want to sell the whole slave...This bearing just comes right off of my slave and the new slave, so I know it's not "part" of the slave itself from a manufacturing perspective.

11-12-11, 01:18 PM
yeah the illustrations show what's available ... that doesn't seem to be one of the separate parts ...

it will come with the new cylinder - just like it did on the wrong one you've got

11-12-11, 01:23 PM
aka easy way for Gm to make $300 instead of $20...or, one (usually needs to be) or (conveniently is) replaced when replacing the other.

well I guess it's getting hit with lithium grease and going back on too... It's motion is fluid but has a bit of a grinding feeling whereas the new one is butter smooth, otherwise it doesn't seem to be loose or anything.

thanks for checking.

11-12-11, 01:50 PM
I seem to recall GM switching to this design cylinder around a decade ago ... also, I can't even find any aftermarket ones that have it separate

there was one or two aftermarket options that I saw, but no quantities available to me

11-12-11, 07:12 PM
Sounds like you already made up your mind but boy when that stock slave fails your gonna be pissed! Probably ought to wait and do it right...Of course I can sympathize, my clutch install took a few weeks. I guess it comes down to whether or not pulling the trans out again is worth the V on the road Monday or next Monday.

11-12-11, 07:48 PM
true......but odds are it could last another year or longer with no problems.. Otherwise people would not be getting "100k+" on stock setups. Not probable, but definitely possible. I'm only looking to get another 6 months to 1yr out of it before I can justify ditching the whole setup. My slave is dark in color and certainly looks beat up but that's due to an oil leak I had... I've never beat up on my car or even powershifted it by slamming the clutch pedal down, so barring it randomly being close to death, there's no reason to believe it's toast.

Pulling the trans is definitely daunting to some but to be honest, after taking out the bellhousing and reinstalling that stock clutch, the trans is cake. It would be a major inconvenience but not a terrible thing..

Oreilly's has a stock GM slave for the same price I paid for this LS7 so I could still feasibly get it going by Monday...but I lost a day today doing other things so it's now looking unlikely.