: XM module dead- Point me in the right direction.

11-09-11, 08:44 PM
So I have pretty much determined that my XM receiver is pretty much dead. I have tried unplugging the battery, and I undid the fuse under the back seat for a while and that came up with nothing. Whenever I cycle through the bands, I only get AM and FM.

I have read some previous posts that sometimes there's loose connections, so I'll look into that when I get a chance to remove the rear shelf.

I am sure my head unit is programmed for XM, because I have seen it before when cycling through the bands but only once.

At this point, I am pronouncing my XM receiver dead. With that being said, I want to know if there's a plug-n-play option that is not the GM unit. I have seen some of the units on www.tss-radio.com, and am wondering which one if any would work.

My ultimate goal is to get XM in the car. I really want the pause/rewind/fast fwd functions that my current XM skyfy 2 radio has.

I've done some searching, and most of the resources assume a stock XM receiver, which I've read is rather flaky. I'd like to start fresh with something that is known to work well right off the bat.

11-11-11, 04:00 PM
I thought you were going to do an aux input and use a portable receiver?

11-11-11, 04:01 PM
I want to explore both options before I make a decision. Basically I don't want to do one and wished I had done the other. :)

11-11-11, 04:40 PM
Unless you are looking to have your dash completely stock, with no devices hanging around, I would go aftermarket.

11-11-11, 05:50 PM
I guess what I'm asking is if there is a plug n' play XM unit that will 100% replace the stock XM receiver under the rear deck? It would really be sweet if I could find an XM receiver/Aux-in so I didn't have to choose.

11-11-11, 07:20 PM
You mean that will interface with the CTS nav system? I highly doubt it. I am not sure they are in business anymore, but search on Radios And More. They used to provide an XM receiver that would interface with the regular CTS sound system, I think. Don't quote me though as that was more than 5 years ago.