: Heated Seat on Drivers side feels really hot

11-09-11, 08:23 PM
Quick question for everyone on the heated seats. I usually put mine on #2 but lately it seems REALLY HOT. I turn it down to 1 and that even seems hot. I called to ask about this today and they were trying to tell me that if the heating unit were to be defective it just wouldn't work at all - it wouldn't get excessively hot. Make sense to everyone? I mentioned that when my husband drives and I am in the passenger seat, that one doesn't seem to get as hot at all. The guy in service said it's because the passenger seat has the occupied sensor ( same like for the airbag ) and that it would make sense that the temp in the passenger seat wasn't as hot as the drivers. Doesn't make much sense to me BUT....I will defer to the experts here for your words of advice. Could the heating unit be faulty and just go too warm or would it just not work at all?


11-09-11, 08:43 PM
The amount of heat you feel is somewhat reliant on your "weight". There's padding between the heating element and the seat surface. The more the seat surface is compressed, the closer you are to the heating element. If you and your husband have a significant difference in weight, this would affect whose seat feels warmer.


11-09-11, 09:02 PM
Well, I'm the primary driver so when I am using the drivers seat, I just feel like that one gets significantly warmer than when I'm playing passenger. I'm also tiny and so the more weight on the seat doesn't really apply to me. ;)

11-09-11, 09:30 PM
Have it checked out the next time you take it in. Never worry that there may be nothing wrong. The worse that could happen is that they check it out and say it's functioning normally.


11-10-11, 12:40 AM
Your weather in Chicago, where I am originally from, is similar to the weather here in the Boston metro area.

Although I drive a GenI SRX, the heated seats seem to get get pretty toasty rather quickly when it is 30-40 degrees outside, what it is now in Chicago. After the seats have time to really heat up, for either seat or both the driver or passenger seats, we have to keep reducing the 3 position temperature setting from high to medium to low, eventually turning the heated seats completely off. But I don't notice a temperature differential between the two seats when they are on the same settings.

When it gets colder in Chicago, you will find the heated seats very accomodating when the temperatures dip, especially when it gets down to single digits and then below zero. Even at those frigid temps, after a bit of driving time (say 20+ minutes from a cold start-up, minutes), the same thing occurs, once the interior and the interior surfaces of the vehicle have fully warmed up and then your body comfort has caught up.

We have made 1,100 mile Winter drives from here to Chicago. We don't wear coats in the car for obvious reasons. Once the car interior has completely warmed up and the heated seats have done the same, we leave the heated seats off almost the entire way. They just aren't needed.

I cannot explain why the passenger seat temperature in your SRX seems more moderate (cooler). The GenI SRX heated seats have separate buttons......one to activate just the seatback, and one to activate both the seatback AND seat bottom. Is it the same for the second generation SRX?

If so, are you turning on both the seatback AND seat bottom in the cooler passenger seat? If only one has been selected, that might explain the apparent temperature differential you are experiencing between the two seats. Give the settings a look see and a try to see if that evens things out for you.


11-10-11, 09:07 AM
Hey PJ!

Nope, I have just been noticing that when I drive which is most of the time since I drop hubby off at the train that my seat just feels hotter than normal. I also start usually on level 2 and then go down to 1. Maybe it's just because it's not super cold here yet so it just feel warmer or maybe it's because I'm not wearing a coat so going thru a long coat it feels less hot. Eh, I won't worry too much about it. Weekends hubby drives so when I use the passenger seat I have just made a mental note that it just feels less hot than when I drive. Weird.
Oh well. I'm happy to have the heated seats so I guess a little warmer is better than not working at all.