View Full Version : Need Help Please RVC

11-05-11, 06:44 PM
Hey guys i just installed the oem gps unit in my 07 escalade and i also bought with it a OEM camera but i do not have a harness or anything just the camera and im having a really hard time trying to get the parts so i wanna try to hard wire the camera somehow but i no nothing and need some help from someone for some advice please and thanks.

11-05-11, 07:20 PM
You will have a hard time gathering the harness from the front of the vehicle to rear and a second harness is required at the rear....I tried and couldn't get one sourceed from GM and if I remember correctly the price was pretty high....so I sold my camera and installed an aftermarket camera done by an audio detail shop, better quality camera...I believe I posted on my troubles...search the site and you should find it...good luck...oh also I called my local dealer and they advised that they do the same when they sell used Escalades with no camera because it was cheaper (they have the install done at a audio detail shop)

11-05-11, 07:35 PM
well i was looking around and most people said that its already prewired on the passenger side kick so if i ran wire from that plug in to the camera shouldnt it work because when i hit reverse the unit autoamtically goes to camera mode so if i sent power to the camera by usings wires it shouldnt it just work that way?