: 2007 EXT rear diff help

11-05-11, 05:59 PM
So I changed the front diff fluid (NASTY!). That was a breeze. Then I moved to the rear diff and found there was no fill plug???? My 03 EXT had a fill plug. The only thing I saw was a nipple on the top with some type of air bleeder line. If this where I fill it? Should I use a special pump?

Also was there a problem with the 07's having leaky power steering lines? Seems to be a small leak coming out of the 2 PS lines... looks like a PITA to change but looks do-able...

11-05-11, 11:46 PM
Im a little silly. Started looking online at pics of the diff and noticed there a fill hole on the diff cover. I'll take some pics tomorrow and make this thread worthwhile.

Also ordered the power steering hoses so that should be a fun project next weekend.

11-06-11, 01:39 PM
The first time I changed my crankcase oil, I looked in the manual. I laughed when I saw instructions on how to change front and rear differentials but I never did see anything about how to change the engine oil except how to reset the oil life. I will use the diff change instructions, but in a manual full of other obvious instructions like how to turn on your headlights, if you are gonna show how to drain the diffs why not show how to drain the crankcase. Anyway, I wasn't paying attention but if you don't have a picture, there might be a drawing in the manual.

11-06-11, 07:33 PM
Changed it today. Very easy. The hardest part was pulling down the spare tire to get access to the fill plug. Without lying, it took me over 2 hours to get the spare tire down. The secondary latch was rusted... i fiddled with it for a lonnnnng time until i finally came back in the house and saw a how-to youtube video explaining how to take it down. Came down in 2 seconds. Anyways drained about 2 quarts of old nasty black metallic gear lube. When i filled it back up it took about 2.5 quarts. Happy both diffs are done! Next week front brakes and power steering hoses!

11-06-11, 07:39 PM
In case anyone was wondering the front diff on a 2007 holds a little over 2 quarts. The rear is 2.5 quarts. So all you need it 5 quarts of 75w-90 Mobil1 synthetic gear lube.

If you dont know the last time you changed your diff fluid, now is a good time to do it... The lube gets black and piss thin... Do it outside cuz the lube smells vile!