View Full Version : Any way to bypass air suspension without going to Arnott? Building resistors DIYs?

11-04-11, 10:32 PM
Front struts are leaking. They were replaced at 48k miles and they lasted only 30 or so k miles. I know Arnott has the Bilstein HD fronts for $430 but its a ripoff. They buy the regular Bilstein Tahoe ones at MSRP ($100 or so each) and charge $230 for the resistors. I don't want OEM either because they don't last long. If the kit was lower priced, I would be all over it.

They make a Bilstein 5100 for the Tahoes and Yukons without the z55 air ride. I had them in a previous truck of mine and they were still good after 60k miles of offroading, towing 7500+lbs, and a couple small jumps at sand dunes. I thought they were the best shock short of a coilover or reservoir shock.

So is there any way to bypass the error messages? Maybe cut the top of the front shock, plug in the sensor, and strap it somewhere on the frame? Has anyone built their own resistors? From what I see, it is just a connector up on the top.

I did find this kit at RockAuto from Monroe priced at $7. I don't know if its only for Monroe shocks only. If I can use these on regular Tahoe shocks, I'm getting a set ASAP w/Bilstein 5100s.

MONROE Part # AK29 Airline Adapter Kit; Incl. Tee-Valve Kit/Tubing-Coiled/Instructions
Conversion Kit Converts a Four Corner Electronic Adjustable Suspension to a Four Corner Conventional Passive Suspension While Maintaining the Air Leveling on the Rear.; Front and Rear; Base Model

11-04-11, 10:44 PM
I think Aerocoupe replaced his with some he found at a dealer in Oklahoma City and seemed to be quite happy. Heres the post