: power steering problem

Eazy E
11-03-11, 05:29 AM
hey guys, took my '04 to cadillac so they could diagnose the p/s problem.

first, they said it was a power pressure hose. replaced and still not corrected. took it in again for them to tell me the seal on the pump is bad. replaced the whole pump and it still doesn't work. now, in 1st gear up until 20 mph, p/s works normally. when i shift through gears it locks back up.

what could it be? i didn't bleed the system, so i'm thinking it could be an air bubble. why would it work sometimes w/ these 2 new parts but not fixed.

pls help w/ your ideas.


Eazy E
11-03-11, 09:07 PM
i put her up in the air and started the car turning the wheel back and forth for a while. felt fine, until i put her back down. same problem persists. what the F?!

11-03-11, 09:46 PM
I do not understand what symptom you are having. What do you mean by it "locks up"?