: brakes / obd

11-01-04, 08:52 PM
lilblacksol, I was reading car domain, and just had to ask, did your ABS kick on? You said you skidded to a stop, but I assume this was before you did the 4-wheel disc brake conversion if I read correctly?

I've had the ABS kick a couple times at around 40-50 MPH, I had no wheel lock up what so ever, just the grinding of the ABS pump. Its a 00 Ford Taurus, front disc/rear drum, 16" uniroyal's on the front with probably 20-30 percent tread remaining(plenty of edge wear), and then on the back is a piece of sh*t Firestone Affinity and a Grand Am brand tire, they are probably approaching 30-50 percent wear. Yeh, i'd be disapointed too with new sport tires not performing for a quick stop. But, even with dirt on the road should they really be locking up???

I would like 4 wheel disc brakes, but ABS is a must. I suppose there is no way you could re-route the ABS sensor from the rear to the front, so you would essentially fool the computer into thinking all 4 wheels are looking up, and ABS is channeled to all 4 wheels? I saw the pic of your brakes for the front, I dont know if it was just me or did they look kinda small??? There are so many :canttalk: driver's in my area, braking power is a must. I also get the doosh bags that like to pull out infront of me and not "Put the hammer down," etc...

Secondly, on the 93/94's, on the dash there are two buttons, one's for the odometer, whats the other for? Also, on the 95/96 with OBD, how do you access it, with the heater buttons??? I noticed on the 95's there is a "DeFog" button along with the front and rear defrost, what is this "Defog" button for???