: Wheels, tires, and maintenance

10-31-11, 06:13 PM
Two weeks ago the RF tire on the STS gauged 3 psi low. Inflated it back to 32 psi. Today, during a trip of about 50 miles I noticed that it looked a tad low. Checked and it was at 25 psi. Home, jacked it up and pulled RF wheel/tire. Went to Western Auto and we found no nails or tire tread leaks.....BUT the inner wheel rim bead had 3 tiny leaks. Corrosion. We dismounted the tire, polished the rim beads, reseated the tire and did a Road Force balance. Just for grins, did the LF also. Did two runs to 120 an hour ago. Perfect.

("It can't happen to me................") Nothing beats a good dial pressure gauge as an early warning device...................TPMS is useless for normal maintenance checks.