View Full Version : 1998 ETC rear suspension questions

10-30-11, 10:21 PM
I have a 1998 ETC that I have a rear shock question about.

The leveling system seems to work fine since the ride height is always level. The ride quality and handling is very good.

The rear end "skips" when I hit bumps, so that tells me that the rear shocks are due for replacement.

Could there be any other factor such as control arm bushings causing this? Is there a good way to test this?

If I do need new shocks, would the Monroe 90009 overload shock kit, be okay or should I go with Arnott?

Also I noticed Arnott has a kit with resistors and one without for $50 cheaper. Since I can install my own resistors for cheap, are there any difference in the struts themselves?

Thanks for any input you guys have.