: Speaker Size Fitment ?

10-29-11, 07:59 PM
Ok so i know that if you check on most websites they say 6.5 is the size for the door speakers in our Seville's 98-04

i read somewhere that the rear doors are not the same size as the fronts
then i saw a picture where the front's where more then 6.5 even though all the size charts say 6.5

i just picked up a 6.5 or 6 1/2 how ever you want to call it
set of Pioneer A Serries 4way's 350W for the rear door's im going to amp them out instead of running them on the back of the HU since im planning on swapping the rest of the speakers at some point in the next few months also

but right now main thing is to get ride of the crappy blow rear door speakers

are a 6.5 or 6 1/2 speakers going to fit in the rear door's or am i going to have to make a bracket

i think CurtC posted something about having to have a bracket made for his speakers to fit
but not sure if those where front doors or rear door's

other thing im thinking about is just disconnecting the rear door speaker's and taking the 6.5 back and getting some 5way 6x9s and having them thrown on the rear deck but i think that might impeed with the little performance i have form the stock sub

so wondering if they pioneer 6.5 will fit in the rear door's without having to make any modifications

10-29-11, 08:29 PM
My '02 SLS has 6.5 speakers in all four doors.


10-29-11, 08:35 PM
I know when ever i buy speakers i usualy go by Crutchfield or Best Buy's fitment guide but its a little bit messed up when i try to find the size for the seville

usualy Crutch and Best buy are dead on with there size fitments but
best buy is saying a 6x9 will fit when i know darn well that wont

then they have some 6.5 in 3 way pioneer they say fits and the ones in the 4way 6.5 says it does not fit

then all of the ones on Crutchfield say fits with bracket or Modified fit witch i have never had problems with other cars

10-31-11, 09:49 PM
I kind of remember using the factory mounts for the speakers. It was several years ago though. I removed the factory speakers from their mounts and put the new ones in and mounted them in the doors. I did not have the Bose system to worry about. Now if you have Bose I seem to remember someone saying that the speakers are like 5.25 inches or something. Unless you are going to bypass the factory amp you will need to keep the ohm rating the same as stock. That would be 2 ohms. Four ohm speakers will not be sufficient if running through the factory amp. Bose is another story altogether.


10-31-11, 10:45 PM
no the new speakers will not go threw the factory amp
i am going to ampe the rear door speakers on there own
that way when it comes time to change the front speakers also i can just runt hem off the Amp and then make some more room behind the radio and in the dash for other things and get ride of the big PAC harness that damm thing takes up so much freaking room lol