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ATS: The Journey | Cadillac Luxury Car

The 2013 ATS meets the world's most demanding testing ground in this preview of Cadillac's new web series. "Like" us at facebook.com/cadillac and follow our journey as we challenge our new compact luxury sport sedan on Germany's unrelenting Nürburgring race track. Will it challenge the world's best? We'll be posting chapters of this behind-the-scenes story in our feed, as well as exclusive ATS photos and insights.

ATS the Journey Chapter One | Welcome to The Green Hell

Watch as Cadillac tests, develops, and perfects our new compact luxury sedan. In the first installment of our Web series, we introduce the 2013 ATS to Germany's demanding Nürburgring. Dubbed "The Green Hell," this stunning testing ground is known for attracting—and tormenting—the best drivers and performance vehicles in the world.

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