: LED Bulb replacements

10-29-11, 01:16 PM
After driving home from work in the 93, I noticed that the third brake light lens was extremely HOT to the touch. Knowing how expensive the tail light assemblies are I decided to check how hot those bulbs get and sure enough they get way too hot as well. So I decided to swap out those lame incandescent bulbs for some cool LEDs.

I started with the third brake light; I used a Red 1156-31 bulb. Result: Very bright and cool to the touch. I will have to get four more for the tail lights. They are different than the third brake light though, they use 1157 bulbs.

I also swapped out the reverse lights with some White 1156-31 bulbs. Same results.

I ordered the bulbs from the bay awhile ago when I swapped bulbs in my Corvette. Once I'm done I'll snap some pics and post them.

10-29-11, 04:22 PM
sweet. any chance you can post some pics?

for anyone with a 87-92 id like to know if you tried this what was the result? i bet it would bombard you with taillight failure msgs

11-12-11, 06:39 PM
So, basically the tail and brake lights were a failure. They wouldn't work correctly because with LEDs you need to install an electronic flasher. No problem, right? Wrong! The Allante doesn't have a normal car flasher so the LED flasher wouldn't work.

The good news is the LEDs for the third brake light and the reverse lights worked fine.

Oh well, now we know.