View Full Version : New to classic Cadillacs, why can't i locate the 472 water pump belt?

10-27-11, 06:31 PM

Stepped off the deep end yesterday and bought a 1971 Cadillac knowing nothing about classic cars.
The cars I work on are all 1990's.
it's a 472 commercial chasis (hearse).

I need to replace all the belts immediately and I can't figure out why I can't locate a belt
that says it runs to the water pump anywhere. comp, ps, fan, alt I got. Nothing says belt
to water pump. Am I missing something?

Are there any basic guides here for what I have to remove to replace the belts?


10-27-11, 07:31 PM
To make it so you could not disconnect the smog pump this is what they did with the belts.. As long as yours is still stock , because many people used different year pulley set-ups so they could take off the smog pump and parts..The stock set up had 2 belts the same size going around crank pulley A/C compressor and power steering pump.. Then they have a belt that goes around the crank , waterpump and smog pump.. then the last belt goes around the second groove of the waterpump to the alternator..So if you take off the smog pump belt you got no waterpump or alt.