: Cd player stuck???

10-26-11, 02:07 PM
Hey everyone , my everything works on my center entertainment console except for my cd changer , i click on the cd button and it shows "cd 1 -- ---" and will not do anything else . The changer is full btw , any ideas?

10-26-11, 02:39 PM
From what others have posted in this forum, your changer probably took a crap. That happens. I think others have bought used units off of ebay and swapped the changer mechanism.

10-26-11, 05:20 PM
This happened to me about 6 months ago but I only had 5 CD's in the changer so it wasn't full.

I think I remember reading something about the changer having a feature that will spit a full 6 cd's back out if it shits the bed.
Long story short, the entire unit was replaced under an extended warranty and they sent me the 5 cd's back in the mail.
If you have to buy new from the dealer, its $1000 or so, plus they have to program the VIN into the radio so it'll work on startup.
sorry to hear, its gonna be a pain in the ass

10-28-11, 10:24 AM
Do the DVD trick on it and reset the head. The 2nd button from the bottom (right side) and Seek button (towards the right) I believe. The exact process is on the FAQ

Also try undoing your battery for 5-10 minutes if that for some reason doesn't work.