: is power steering pump the same on 425 and 368 engines?

10-26-11, 01:03 PM
own a 1980 Caddy coupe, need a new power steering pump w/ reservoir. None of the local auto parts have it, called dealer and they weren't any help. So I come here. I know 425 is a bigger block than the 368 6.0 but visually both look the same in reference to the part in question. Can someone let me know if they are? I can go to the JY and get it for the time being.

10-28-11, 10:50 PM
All these pumps themselves are almost all the same , from the early 60's on up to the 90's .. But they made some changes.. The early pumps used a flared high pressure out fitting on the pump and the pulley was held on with a keyway and nut.. then through the years they changed to a pressed on pulley and a "O" ringed fitting high pressure out fitting.. Now each different car motor used its own diameter pulley and its own can or tank.. Each can had its return hose tube bent or going so to fit that motor...