: handling issue

10-26-11, 10:02 AM
Hey all,

About 2 weeks ago I started to feel my car being tugged side to side over 70 mph as well as all around loose steering at the same speeds. The same thing happens when i hit the brakes harder, the car seems to get tugged to one side or the other.

A little background: I put new tires on the car about 1000 miles ago, Bridgestone potenzas, and had it aligned soon after. The tire pressure is an all around 30 cold. Im driving a 2005 with about 61000 miles on it.

If anyone has any ideas I would love your input.


10-26-11, 12:43 PM
Maybe one of the calipers is sticking? Maybe a worn bushing?

10-26-11, 06:24 PM
Just got my car back from the mechanic today with pretty much the same issue, and they said the toe rod bolt was loose on the left rear, with visible play resulting. They tightened it and the issue seems to be gone, but I won't know for sure until I can get out and hit some on-ramps. Will post back tomorrow if I get a chance.


10-26-11, 07:38 PM
Rotors warped? Ever been changed?

10-26-11, 08:55 PM
I agree with a toe issue.

10-27-11, 11:36 AM
I don't think the rotors have ever been replaced.

Russell definitely let me know the results of your on-ramp testing, the toe issue does seem possible.

I really appreciate all the input. I will run through these possibilities with the mechanic when I drop it off. Thanks.


10-27-11, 11:55 AM
It could also be tracking the groves in the road.