: PCM programming

10-26-11, 07:29 AM
Does anyone here know of any good books/manuals for PCM programming? I dont mean tuning persay but actual program modifications. Reason being I have a Kit car I am building that I'm using a Cadillac N* engine from a 2007 DTS and I will need to modify the PCM to delete expected inputs for some sensors that will no longer be used. So actual program modifications not just adjustments to gain HP.
Thanks in advance.

10-26-11, 08:50 AM
Years back I was looking to tune my aurora northstar engine and there weren't many options out there. Hopefully that has changed but I doubt you'll find any books/manuals for the northstar PCM specifics.

10-26-11, 09:14 AM
I'm almost certain HPTuners does not support the northstar. But in the supported models, you can turn off sensors. For example: CTS-Vs don't have an air pump or EGR. They are in the DTC list, but set to "no report".


10-26-11, 09:37 AM
Yea I'm not even so concerned with it being DTS specific but GM probably about the same for the most part. Just want to learn more about doing the programming myself. After conducting a search mostly businesses that will do it for you come up and not much information about how to do it. I'm more interested in what equipment beyond a laptop would be needed and what the screens look like and how to modify and delete portions of the program. I'm familar with ladder logic PLC software for machinary but never messed with PCM's.. I dont want to just go buy a $500 license and software for potentially one vehicle when I'm not sure what I'm even doing. Rather send it to shop that has done it multiple times.
So just want more information on the subject and if its something I would be interested in messing with.

10-26-11, 03:26 PM
Did you try contacting northstar performance? He is a vendor here.


10-27-11, 04:02 AM
It wont work....

You will have to upgrade to a ECM and that means you need to upgrade the communication of the 04 pcm from class II to canbus. That means a new engine harness, body harness electronics and bcm as well...

Was goin to upgrade to the new ECM months ago, but the car didnt recognize the ECM even though all the plugs were plugged in.

U r on your way to either an expensive victory or annoyin failure

If you are going for a kit car, talk with GM and ask if they have a hotrod controller for that engine. Get the proper harness for that engine and you will be ok. As long as you dont need body controllers you can flash just the engine cpu and be done with it...

10-27-11, 10:16 AM
Since the northstar is a waste-spark ignition anyway, why not use a simple stand-alone like a megasquirt or something like that. You could even use batch fire injection, should work OK wouldn't get real great gas mileage compared to factory.. Then you can do whatever you want, AND a lot more flexibility with tuning down the road.