: wanna buy an 04 ext

10-31-04, 10:43 PM
i am looking to buy a new 04 ext. i am trying to get the best price from the dealer as it is the last 04 they have . anyone recently buy an 04 and get a good deal that i could use as a bargaining point. they don't want to give me anything for my 02 as it has 80,000 on it. any help and suggestions is appreciated. :hmm: :hmm:

11-09-04, 08:27 PM
Stay with your 02 or go to the 05 later in the year. Only real diff between the 02 aand 04 is the peddle adjustments. Wait for the pull out bed in the 05.

11-09-04, 09:45 PM
what is the adjustable peddle ??
and what is the adjustable bed ?

11-10-04, 07:27 AM
i agree. if you're not going to get anything for your 02 anyway, might as well hang on to it for another year and get an upgrade.

pull out bed means there is something on the bed like a tray, that can pull out for easier loading.

11-11-04, 09:00 PM
Gas and break peddles.