: Luxury AWD verse Performance FWD

10-25-11, 06:14 AM
I am considering a 2012 SRX, my budget has me limited to either a AWD Luxury or a Performance FWD , The one major item that is swaying myself to the Performance is the HID lights, I have them on my Acura now and would not have a car without them, I have no interest in the aftermarket on the Luxury, I do live in the northeast, any opinions in regards to the handling in the dry AWD verse FWd, also the snow issue, any feedback with the 20in tires with the FWD.

10-25-11, 01:35 PM
My suggestion is do what ever you have to do to afford both awd and performance for hid's it can't raise the payment more than 10-20 dollars a month i would not think. go to an 11 if you have to and can find one still new as there are probably good incentives on them I would rather have awd and performance over new motor and luxury if money is that tight.

10-25-11, 10:45 PM
My "little" input as I have a 2012 Lux FWD and it is peppy. I don't see much problem with the FWD (but have not driven the 4wd). What I do miss is the HID... I would probably give up the 4wd for the HID if it was me. You WILL be changing out the halogen bulbs for some other H11 or converting to H9 or something to get more light. The stock lights, well... suck. I just put fogs on mine and can't say they make a huge improvement.

Keeping to your question, I'd go with the HIDs... that is the ONLY thing I miss from my other car or as said above test drive the 2010-2011 and see if you like the engine/power/trans.