: Parted out my 93 Eldorado Available Parts LOOK

10-25-11, 12:31 AM
Carelessness on my part caused me to blow the 4.9 Engine on my 1993 Eldorado.
While changing the idle speed control motor I lost track of a screw that ended up in the intake manifold passed through an intake valve and shattered the #1 piston, my stupidity. I dropped the cradle and pulled the 4.9 and 4T60E transmission. The engine went into the trunk and what was left of the car went off to the scrap yard. The trans will go into my 1992 Deville that was in need of a replacement. I did part out the car which was well kept by me for years (less than 150,000 Miles). I have stripped everything that I thought someone else might have need of.

Right front headlight with cornering light in the pod with red trim, lamps and harness
Left front headlight with cornering light in the pod with red trim, lamps and harness
Air Conditioner condenser
Front of radiator cooling fan
ABS unit
Steering Pump
AC Compressor with lo and high side hoses (single connector at compressor)
Master Cylinder
Belt Tensioner
Intake Manifold with injectors and fuel rails attached
Distributor with cap, coil, rotor, and plug wires and all internal electronics modules
Exhaust Manifolds Front Right, Rear Left and Y pipe to Cat
Rack and Pinion with hose and pressure switch still attached
Front stabilizer shaft
Right and Left CV Joints
(cradle, front struts and control arms were reinstalled with wheel hubs so tires could be mounted for disposal)
From the Interior, exterior and trunk
Recently rebuilt digital dash cluster (no analog gauges) IPC (no console type, column shift)
Right rear tail light assembly complete with lamps and harness (perfect condition)
All trunk mounted modules including:
Pass Key II
One touch entry system
Instrument panel Wiring harness relay PN16158276
Bosch Unit 0 265 103 064 (which I believe is the ABS Computer)
SCM (seat control module) (Delco Products 22120204 71 3C)
RAPIE MODULE Retained accy power 12135007
I have started to list items on EBAY Check out Wife's Account "latenitebarbi"
If you have an interest in any of these items contact me and I will create an auction listing.
Or we can make a deal here.

92' Eldo
07-16-12, 02:25 AM
Do you still have the original stereo and washer pump

11-21-12, 11:46 PM
Do have the molding strip that attaches to the hood for the grille to snap into i have a 95' eldo i need to finish my rebuild thank u.

01-12-13, 11:55 PM
do you have a drivers side outside mirror


junkpartz@aol.com on that mirror