View Full Version : Cadillac XLR-V of the Month - October - Submit your photos

Lord Cadillac
10-24-11, 02:36 PM
The rules:

- Submit your best 3 images in a SINGLE post. We don't want your first two images on page 1 and your best image on page 67.
- We're voting on your vehicle. In other words, no women in bathing suits to influence votes. Don't toe the line.
- Previous winners from the past 12 months are prohibited. Let's give other owners a chance. You've already had your "glory". :o
- Provide information on the vehicle including modifications whether for appearance of performance.

Ready? Set? Go!

10-29-11, 02:55 PM
aww c'mon xlr-v guys :(

Bimota fan
10-31-11, 05:56 PM
Mine is shipping from TN tomorrow. I promise to take pics when it arrives.


Lord Cadillac
11-01-11, 11:44 AM
You may just be the October winner if you post pictures today...

11-01-11, 02:30 PM
In other words, post what ya got (even if its the dealers ad pics).

Bimota fan
11-01-11, 04:40 PM
Here it is. Less than 5k miles.

11-01-11, 09:19 PM
Wow, deja vu! Then again mine never shined up that nice and if it did it only lasted a minute. :burn: