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10-23-11, 08:20 PM
Courtesy of Oldfart


10-30-11, 07:48 AM
This video is great. I have done 2 TCC replacements using his method. The only things I did different was that I did not loosen the pass side motor mount, tilting the engine really did not add any more room. The other thing I did when it was apart was to slightly 'trim' the bracket which runs from the drivers side motor mount to the trans case. I took about 3/16" from the thickness where the upper bolt runs thru. Then I shortened the bolt around 1/4". The greatly aided reassembly, and will aid disassembly if you ever have to take it off again.

12-01-11, 12:11 AM
this job took me one week in my garage and all i have to say is i will never ever no matter how much somebody pays me or offers me to do this ever do it again. a complete nightmare.

03-15-14, 07:15 PM
Agree, doing this now. Hairpin clip fell inside transaxle case and we can't find it! ! Next time we drive w/ the dang light on. 10 hr nightmare about describes it, my dad hsd been a mechanic for 40 yrs and he's having a hard time! !! Uncle uncle!

07-13-14, 11:35 AM
Video is very helpful. We are working on changing the solenoid currently and having trouble with trans mount bolt and the upper motor mount bolt. Any suggestions on how to remove these? Or if the trans mount bolt does need to be removed? Thanks.

07-13-14, 12:02 PM
Post #2.

04-21-16, 08:33 PM
This job really is not fun. Have everything apart and old solenoid out.

Was able to flick the hairpin off and luckily it fell to the ground. But then after getting the new solenoid in, I've already dropped the hairpin once and it took an hour to find it. So frustrating.

Is there some trick anyone knows on how to get the hairpin on? Spent the last 3 hours of daylight just on that and will start first thing tomorrow, but I have no clue how I'm going to get it on.

Currently trying the tie-wire approach w/o any success. Obviously I can't see anything so I'm just guessing where it should actually go.

Is it really that important to get the hairpin back in there?

Here are a couple pics of the current state of things.



04-30-16, 05:36 PM
Just wanted to post how I finally reached in to put the hairpin back in.

Standing on the driver's side, first got the hairpin close using the the setup shown above with the tie-wire hanging out to the side. Used both index fingers, each from the left/right respectively and was finally able to slide it in place.

Must've tried 50 different approaches. Good luck all trying this. It's a pain in the @ss but certainly possible.

05-07-17, 07:51 PM
In car replacement is the only way to do this repair. We used a hack saw blade and experimented with the bending until it was correct. Did not use a mirror to try and see the correct position, just looked at pictures so we knew about where the lock pin needed to go back in. It also helps if you jack on the back of the engine to give yourself a little more room. When you do this, you can push the lock pin in using your finger. It took my son and I one full day to do this repair. Next time it would b in the 4-6 hour range. I wonder how many Cadillac mechanics use this method and charge the 16 hours for removing the carriage and splitting the transmission from the engine?