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10-23-11, 09:38 AM
My Cadillac BLS with 30,000 miles suddenly has started issuing multiple diagnostic messages which seem unrelated, but shifts into limp mode and has to be constantly restarted. Gearbox malfunction Traction Control Failure, Stability Control Failure and headlight leveling Malfunction, all at once. What could be the cause of this happening?

10-23-11, 01:33 PM
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10-23-11, 03:55 PM
If I were you, I'd take it to an authorised Cadillac dealer with Tech2. As I have found out on two occasions having suffered two electrical related breakdowns (thankfully still under warranty), the only way you will probably get this resolved is by a dealer using the correct diagnostic software. On both occasions that mine broke down, it was unrepairable at the roadside and ended up on the back of a recovery wagon for a 60 mile journey to my nearest dealer. Thankfully on both occasions, the car was fixed within two hours.

10-25-11, 10:01 AM
Unfortunately in 2009 Cadillac pulled out it's support in Europe, except for Britain and Russia! They claim that they are renogotiating to provide support, but nothing yet, Cadillac has let us down badly. BLS parts and service are impossible to find in Spain, doubt if I can find somebody with a tech II unit.

10-26-11, 04:35 AM
I completely agree and sympathise with your predicament concerning support. If I had paid the full list price for my own BLS and now finding the position we are all in, I would have felt completely numb. As it is, I paid almost 10,000 GBP less for my car sold as a new car (It was almost 2 years old however when I bought it), I am just grinding my teeth slowly but enjoying the comfort, exclusivity and excellent MPG my diesel is currently giving me.

Owning the vehicle over the next few years will be a challenge, but as I intend keeping it for as long as the next ten years, I will approach any problems as they come. Just a little shame that I will have no option once the Warranty expires at the end of next year, that I will be forced to take out a yearly Roadside/Recovery/At Home package in case the car breaks down. As I stated in my previous email, when an electrical problem has occurred on my vehicle, it has killed the car at the roadside and has necessitated recovery to my nearest Cadillac dealer 60 miles away. Ok, I haven't had to pay for the ensuing Warranty work or (on one occasion) car hire, I have though still had to pay for the diesel for my return journey home, something I think Cadillac should pay for if the vehicle is still under warranty as mine is. After all, I didn't ask for either of the faults mine has so far suffered, to occur. What's more, no other garage in my area would touch it with a barge pole because they just don't have any technical info on the car at all, so I had no choice whatsoever but to have it recovered to an authorised Cadillac repair centre, and these are very few and far between in the UK. I am aware (having only just returned) that South Africa appears to have a similar problem. I have seen quite a few BLS there too and it makes me wonder how owners there get by.

I'm obviously completely unaware of your position, but if you have any future plans of driving your vehicle to the UK (or Portugal or France maybe?), I would take the opportunity of having it serviced there at the same time. Get the software updates done and have it given the complete once over. I sincerely hope you manage to sort out any current problems you have. Don't forget, as a last resort, you always have the option of taking it to a SAAB dealer, though whether they will be prepared to assist you will be a completely different matter. Good Luck!

10-26-11, 08:04 AM
This is almost certainly a problem with the alternator.Then you get weird electronic failures.
It is a known problem that Saab also affected.
Unfortunately a rather expensive repair but happy to recover from ierde repairer of automotive electronics.
Without Tech2 a reset can be done by the battery for fifteen minutes to disconnect. So the codes are cleared.

Good luck

10-27-11, 05:26 AM
Concerning Tech2, I have no issue in regards to the fact you can probably delete certain trouble codes by just disconnecting the battery, the point I was making earlier was that the largest recovery organisation in the UK were unable to diagnose both faults that my vehicle suffered. This was despite me telling the recovery patrolman that the 1.9 TiD engine was the same as certain models in the Vauxhall, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Fiat Croma range etc etc. His portable technical equipment just would not recognise the vehicle in any form. He even called his own technical team who were unable to help.

The Cadillac dealer the vehicle was recovered to, confirmed to me that the only reason they found the faults as quickly as they did, was because their own Tech2 equipment displayed immediately where the problems were. To be fair, they also informed me that a good automotive electrician would have eventually found the faults, but it would it have taken minutes or hours? With the average labour rate here in the UK at many garages being between 90 and 130 GBP per hour, if I had had to pay for the fixes, there was the possibility it would have cost me a great deal of money.

I'm still utterly disappointed that with the word SAAB plastered all over the car, including the VIN plate, that SAAB dealers either cannot, will not or are entirely reluctant sometimes to even look at the vehicle. In my opinion, the most sensible thing Cadillac could have done with the BLS, was to request SAAB to handle all further warranty work and supply of parts for our cars.

10-27-11, 05:28 AM
Unfortunately in 2009 Cadillac pulled out it's support in Europe, except for Britain and Russia! They claim that they are renogotiating to provide support, but nothing yet, Cadillac has let us down badly. BLS parts and service are impossible to find in Spain, doubt if I can find somebody with a tech II unit.


what I have did in the past: I went to the homepage of Cadillac Europe to check if there are changes within the dealership and service station. Well for my side I can say that I have a big improvement, since a couple of weeks I have a offical Cadillac dealer realy just arround the corner (500 m) and I asked them if they are able to perform work under warranty. Yes they are!

I would like to recommend http://www.cadillaceurope.com/es/#/ventas-y-servicios to you, not many dealer but at least some.

Good luck


10-27-11, 07:32 AM

The service from Cadillac is another story.I do not have problems white Cadillac service.There is a dealer
not far from where I live.:p But I realize I'm lucky.
The purpose of my mail was just to help 'prattjrc' whit the problem of his car and
inexplicable electrical problems are often due to the alternator.
Always happy to help someone.

Kind regards

10-27-11, 07:36 AM
Finally located a Tech 2 in Alicante 100km away, had the car taken there for diagnostics check, and the result acording to them was that the transmission valve unit was blocked, technition said I have to remove it and sent it to the UK to be repaired meanwhile I can still drive in mountain gears but transmission fails in drive. They put in an additive to the transmission oil to see if that would clear the blockage, will give it a week, otherwise, big bill due.

10-27-11, 10:29 AM
I am pleased that you have found somewhere 'legitimate' to have your electrical problems diagnosed. Seems the distance you had to travel is just about equivalent to my own occasional journey.

Since when did the UK become the preferred centre of excellence to have parts repaired/replaced for the BLS? Very odd that one! If anything, I thought they would send it back to Sweden. Is your BLS right hand drive? I can only assume it is cheaper to get it done in the UK.

As a matter of interest, have you thought about the possibility of checking whether the equivalent SAAB part is available in Spain? After all, you now know what the problem appears to be, so if you take the part out and take it to a SAAB dealer, they might be able to help.

See what this additive in the oil does first. Fingers crossed!

02-17-12, 06:55 AM
Finally the Saga is over, fingers crossed! tech-II could not isolate the problem, but after 3 months in the Garage, the mechanic figured it had to be the ECU unit, took a month to locate an original Bosch ECU from the UK, installed it and so far everything is working OK again. So much for the codes identifying the problem! They found a leak underneath tje battery that corroded some wires, the theory is that must have shorted and trashed a circuit in the ECU. Thank goodness I didn't send the transmission for repairs.