: 80K maintenance 05 CTS-V

10-23-11, 02:25 AM
i wanted to know what i should change at 80k? It is completely stock, i would like to know what rear diff, tranny, engine oil, and power steering fluids i should use and how many bottles of each i need to buy, Also what type of plugs and wires. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

10-23-11, 12:45 PM
There is someone on here that gives Amsoil discounts and also recommends which fluids to use. It seems like that is a popular way to go. For motor oil, I personally buy Mobil1 by the 4-5qt jugs when whenever a parts store or Wally world has it on sale, then I buy WIX filters from Orielly. When I change the tranny and diff fluid I will be putting in synthetic, I just haven't figured out which one yet.

I just got my V, so I have been reading through the GM suggestions in the back of the manual, 6-6 for intervals and 5-115/6-13 for fluids (this is from an 06 manual.) I will base my maintenance on this. There is a manual on the faq site incase you don't have one.

There is someone that sells the plugs and wires on here or another forum for $75. That seems like the best deal I have seen.

10-23-11, 02:50 PM
C66 Racing has supported this forum for years and is the Amsoil dealer that many of us go through. Amsoil is a good choice for various lubricants. The transmission holds a little less than 4 quarts, the engine takes 6.5 quarts with the filter change, the differential holds a little less than 2 quarts, and the power steering requires about 4 quarts to flush and drain. Do not forgot to flush and bleed both the clutch and the brake hydraulic systems too.

OEM plugs wires are hard to beat although I also like the Firecore 50's. There are many good choices on plugs including the OEM Iridiums (AC Delcos).