: where the heck is my paint code?

10-22-11, 10:09 PM
i've looked at every sticker i can find on my 2010, but i can't find any numbers that look like what i'm told they should. anyone want to help me out?

10-23-11, 09:30 AM
According to page 11-1 of the PDF version of the manual:

Service Parts Identification Label
This label, on the inside of the glove
box, has the following information:
. Vehicle Identification
Number (VIN)
. Model designation
. Paint information
. Production options and special
Do not remove this label from the

10-23-11, 10:21 AM
On my 2010 SRX it located in the cargo area under the little storage box lid. Located the right rear corner. On the bottom side of the cover